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Chicago Cell Phone Repair Offers Advice on How to Protect Wireless Devices from Spyware and Viruses

Cell phones are subjected to the same awful tragedies as home computers – contracting viruses, spyware or malware. Because users can also access the Internet with cell phones, and because cell phones are great at keeping track of ultra-intensive data

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Chicago Cell Phone Repair Can Help with Blackberry Woes

Cell phones are great, Fantastic tools to get around and keep connected to the virtual world. On the other hand, cell phones can be very tetchy apparatuses. Smart phones are noted more for their sleek design than their durability. That’s

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The Future Prospects of Cell Phones

Do you know how much your cell phone is making an impact on our society today? Imagine back to just a few years ago when we didn’t have them. Think also about how, even in the not-so-distant past, the home

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Welcome to the Wonderful World of the Wireless Marketplace

American consumers are driving the wireless networking competition. The technological revolution is driving the industry to come up with new and exciting concepts and roll fascinating products out to the American consumers. The wireless bionetwork’s ecosphere has grown exponentially, and

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Tips to Save Cell Phones from Water Damage from CPR – Chicago Cell Phone Repair

Cell phones can be brought back from the brink of destruction after they have suffered water damage. But when all else fails when trying to revive a cell phone, seek the expertise of a professional independent cell phone repair shop

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Chicago Cell Phone Repair Encourages Customers to Recycle Older Devices

Companies are participating in a program that makes cell phones and cell phone accessories recyclable and put into good use. Consumers are constantly going out with the old and getting on with the new with their cell phones. Many don’t

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What If We Won’t Need a Hot Spot?

A new Wi-Fi technology known as “Wi-Fi Direct” is gearing up for the holiday season. The Wi-Fi consortium has brought its members heads together and is coming up with a new standard – and that standard is called “Wi-Fi Direct”.

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Cell Phone Apps and the New Workforce

When more businesses make room for telecommuters, computer networks and cell phone apps become more secure and savvy. Cisco, the networking conglomerate, conducted a global study called the Cisco Connected World Report which found that 66 percent of the world’s

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CPR Launches Online Stores

With personal computers now ubiquitous in our society, the CPR online store was just a good idea waiting to happen. Our online stores are here. CPR Cell Phone Repair is proud to announce the most ambitiously omnipresent aspect of its

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CPR franchises still a great opportunity

According to CPR’s Jeff Gasner, the CPR franchise boom hasn’t peaked yet. CPR franchises have been selling like cell phones, with more than 10 dozen already sold. “CPR has reached over 120 stores sold as a franchise, and we’re just

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