Parenting Time Violations Equal Harsh Consequences for Divorced Parents

Denver, Colo. – Child custody laws in Colorado promote frequent and continuing contact between each parent and their children after a divorce. Any parent who violates this principle faces harsh consequences, including contempt of court, fines, custody or visitation modifications, even six months in jail.

When parents agree on a reasonable parenting plan, children will be better off and the court will usually approve the agreement, said attorney Bill Thode, of Thode Law, P.C. in Denver, Colorado.

If parenting time is being ignored or abused, a parent will want to immediately start to document the wrongdoing. Document any time that is being violated, including how many hours, days or weekends are being compromised. If there are other witnesses, such as a teacher or friend’s parents, get their contact information or direct account of what occurred. If an ex is keeping the children away and surrounding them with questionable people during that time, keep records of what is happening. A parent should take notes regarding everything he or she does for the children when they are under his or her control. Every aspect of support that is provided to the children is important, so make note of all financial, educational, and emotional support you provide.

A Colorado child custody attorney will help a parent show the court how his or her parenting rights are being violated. The court may order the following relief:

– Modification of the original parenting agreement
– Additional parenting time to make up missed time to be honored within six months of the court order
– Fines, jail time, or both
– Attorney fees and court costs paid by the offender

“Highly-contested disputes relating to child custody or divorce sometimes bring retribution,” Thode said. “Parents should not lose focus and try to prevent their child from visiting the other parent. Hurting the other parent will not help your child in the long run.”

Two parents battling with each other cause no one to win. Divorce does end the marriage, but the parenting role continues. Both parents must cooperate to raise the child instead of simply being vindictive toward each other.

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