DIY with Water Distillers to Assure Safety With Fresh and Clean Water Says H2O Labs

For people who want to make sure they are drinking fresh, safe water, they need to invest in water distillers.

“Water quality is a genuine concern all across America today. If you read the news, you will see stories daily about various communities in every state experiencing boil water advisories or struggling with their deteriorating water treatment plant. You will even read stories about people who have contracted various illnesses from drinking contaminated water. Yes, even in America in the 21st entury,” said Larry Wardell, who writes for, a provider of water distiller systems that provide truly pure distilled water.

The facts are that America, and other places on Planet Earth, are battling the worrisome scenario of not having enough fresh and clean water for their citizens. As it stands right now, virtually every tap in the country is pouring out water with contaminants in it; contaminants that may harm you over time, the more you drink.

“Unfortunately, if you want to make sure your drinking water is safe and fresh and free of things that can make you sick, you need to have you own way of creating that kind of water. That’s easily done by investing in water distillers,” Wardell said.

One of the major reasons the nation should not rely on local authorities to make sure their drinking water is safe is because budget cuts means water treatment plants have to do more, with less. They can also only do a limited amount of “purification” based on how old most of the plants are and their rapidly disintegrating infrastructure.

“Put another way, often saving money comes before public safety and if the local authorities can do a ‘lick and promise’ job of treating water as cheaply as possible, then they can’t be said to not be doing their jobs,” Wardell said.

Unfortunately, even those water treatment plants that do a passable job of treating water for human consumption, are faced with over 2,100 contaminants and no way to eliminate all of them, or even a good portion of them. This is why one of the leading sources of fresh and pure distilled water is water distillers. Concerned homeowners have truly pure distilled water on hand anytime they want it and do not have to worry about what is floating in their glass that they cannot see or taste.

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