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Social Media And Divorce: Do Not Overshare

Do you use social media to share things about your personal life with others? Do you post information, complaints, comments, personal items or gossip to your Facebook wall? Do you tweet them? Are you one of the millions of bloggers?

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Parenting After Divorce

Time and time again, studies show that what works best for the children of divorced parents is when both parents strive to have open communication with their child. If your split was acrimonious, a joint custody arrangement can feel uncomfortable.

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Mediation Can Be A Useful Option for Divorce Proceedings

Many couples are choosing to work through their divorce via mediation. In mediation, the couple meets with an experienced and neutral third party, the mediator. Together, they work to decide on the issues that need resolution in order to amicably

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Why Custody Should Not Always be Equal

In “Equal Custody Between Parents Should Be the Legal Norm,” Attorney Fred Silberberg argued that many custody cases are tied up in court, when, really, both parents should be considered equal parents to the children from their union, just as

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Parenting Tips for the Newly Divorced

It’s normal to feel some guilt about your divorce when you have children in the mix. So states Christina Pesoli, Founder “Emotional Hard Body Divorce Boot Camp” has put together some tips to help with your guilt, while not becoming

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Celebrity Parents End Up In Family Court, Too

Though many people believe that if they just had enough money and were famous enough, rulings would go in their favor, this is not always the case. The recent family court ruling regarding “Gossip Girl” actor Kelly Rutherford is a

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Take Time And Do Your Research Prior to Initiating Your Divorce

Even contemplating divorce can be fraught with emotion and stress. Though circumstances or emotion may prompt you to file for a divorce or start child custody proceedings right away, it is advisable that you first step back, look at the

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Denver Divorce Attorney or Peace Negotiator?

Earlier this year, Huffington Post contributor Ashley Davis Bush posted a piece entitled “6 Steps to a Peaceful Divorce.” The notion that such an emotionally-fraught and legally-nuanced event like a divorce could, at best, be “uneventful,” but “peaceful?” Although it

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The Difference Between a Seperation Agreement and a Legal Seperation

Many think a separation agreement is the same as a legal separation. Separation agreements are documents enshrining what a married couple agrees to ‘prior’ to leaving a relationship. They are a step in the direction of divorce, before a divorce

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Be Mindful of Important Discussions with the Kids During Divorce Proceedings

A divorce can be traumatic for children and leave them with many questions and doubts. Communication is key so that children know their parents still love them and will continue to provide and be there for them. Kids should be

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