CPR Will Fix the Newest iPhones

CPR has garnered a reputation for repairing just about any cell phone ever made – no matter how smart it is.

There are a whole lot of smart phones out there. There are so many in fact, that veterinarians are increasingly seeing patients who have been outsmarted by their pet smartphones. Symptoms include a sense of humiliation, mingled with a smidgen of shock and awe. But Apple has brought out its share to market, a species of smart phone that resembles you – and by proxy, I – so much, that it’s even called an iPhone. It appears that Steve Jobs, the great McIntosh himself, is encouraging you to make these gizmolian creatures that didn’t exist a few years ago into something so intimately yours, that the iPhone4, for instance, can be mistaken for you, or at least from the miniature version of you that happens to be engineered from an aluminosilicate glass, the kind that is used in high speed trains and helicopters, which, but the way, you’re also beginning to resemble. You might be estranged from your lovers, and your parents, and your siblings, and even from your grandparents – but never from your iPhone.

Jimmy works at CPR as an expert service technician. Like an iPhone4, he’s there for you. Unlike an iPhone4 when it’s broken, he’s there for you. “We can fix any iPhone here at CPR,” he says, “I’ve seen them come in shattered, those phones who think they’re so smart, and they can no longer function. It’s temporarily sad. Like the Titanic wasn’t supposed to sink in 1912, these iPhones, especially that newfangled iPhone4, are supposed to be indestructible. Well, let me tell you, they’re not.”
What do you mean by temporarily sad, I asked Jimmy, CPR service technician deluxe. “We fix them,” he said matter-of-factly, “just about all the time.” Once he rescued an iPhone4 from a pit bull terrier’s jaws. “The iPhone4 or its owner was screaming its LCD screen off, I’m not sure which,” he said, “The iPhone4 was terrified. I could smell the fear in every pixel.” Although Jimmy came very close to having his hand amputated at the wrist, he managed to wrestle the iPhone4 away from the vicious dog and get it safely onto a convenient workbench. That’s what CPR’s technicians are – heroes, and heroines if they are women.

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