CPR Will Fix Any DROID, No Matter How Incredible It May Be

CPR’s expert service technicians know a DROID when they see one. But even if it is incredible, it’s just another DROID to them.

Where have all the smart phones gone? This question was asked of a CPR service technician the other day. His name is Bobby. Bobby used to be called Robert, but customers, especially those with a broken cell phone in need of fixing, would rather be on familiar terms with this guy to get on his good side. Lest we digress, he answered the question. He didn’t evade it because he definitely knew the answer. “Where,” replied Bobby, “to CPR. The smart consumers bring them here.”

There are a lot of smart phones out these days. Various iPhones sent by Apple instead of a doctor, and there’s also a new android on the block. An android phone simply made into a brevity called DROID may be inhabiting your hand right now. It can sure fit there, this plastic thing-a-ming perhaps about to sing.

“I coined that phrase, ‘thing-a-ming,’ and it’s real,” Bobby admits. He is also one of CPR’s more clever employees, a top-notch certified service technician. But what about this android called DROID? It’s not huge. The thing-a-ming weighs 4.59 ounces (130 grams) so it’s not that heavy, even if it did once belong to your brother. It’s almost 5 inches tall (4.63 inches), and 2.3 inches wide. What makes the thing-a-ming so breakable is its diameter – only 0.47 inches. With so little depth, the thing-a-ming is downright thin.
“It’s downright thin,” agrees Bobby, putting it in his own words. It’s a nice smart phone, this DROID, “don’t get me wrong,” asserts Bobby. He hates it when people get him wrong, “But there are a thousand ways to break it.”

Consumers who own a new DROID somehow discover most of them. “I know a guy who broke his DROID by cracking it between his teeth,” Bobby asserts, “He noticed that he’d cracked several canines too, but by then it was way too late.” Often it is. Bobby recalls an elderly woman who brought her DROID in for repair, and incredibly, had forgotten how she’d broken it. “I couldn’t believe her story,” Bobby recalled, “Nobody forgets something like that.” He just wants people to remember that the place to bring in your DROID if it breaks, is your nearest CPR.

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