Consider Discount Offerings for Your Next DIY Flooring Project

If you’re designing on a budget and not inclined to splurge, then consider discount flooring. If you have specific ideas about what your want, you can find excellent deals on the right material.

Don’t buy anything to upgrade your floors on impulse. Take the time to study each room you want to enhance. What do you want it to look like when you are done? Is your home styled in a modern, western, contemporary or chic way? Do you want carpet, hardwood, laminate, rubber or bamboo? Decide before you visit any flooring stores. The concrete decisions will help you stick to your budget and beautify your home.

Let’s say you want carpet in the master bedroom, just to add some warmth for your feet during the winter months. Finding precisely what you want can be challenging (not to mention expensive), but it is possible. There are a number of options to check out for less expensive carpeting. Your local carpet store might hold a treasure trove of discounted carpeting, and sometimes you get lucky and find a sale piece at a 75 percent discount. Not a bad deal, even though the carpet may be discontinued. Search out precut carpeting that was returned. If you can snag a large piece (larger than the area you want to carpet), you’ve got new, high-quality carpeting for pennies on the dollar. Explore carpet remnant stores, estate and yard sales. You’ll know you’ve succeeded when you find a piece you like within the budget range you set.

What about hardwood and laminate? Typically, laminate is a lot less expensive than hardwood, but don’t eliminate the option automatically. Companies that sell discounted hardwood flooring do exist. If you have your heart set on hardwood, start with a wholesale flooring outfit. You may find the prices are about 50 percent lower than retail prices, though be aware that you may be required to meet a minimum to order. And if the budget just won’t tolerate hardwood, even at a discount, compare discount laminate flooring, which typically costs only two-thirds what hardwood does. Plus, it’s easy to install without nailing the material down. It all depends on the look you have planned. If you love the hardwood of maple, red or white oak or hickory, try reworking the budget. You will live with the new flooring for many years to come, so perhaps a splurge is worth the durability after all.

With so many discount flooring options, you are likely to find what you need quickly. It is absolutely worth your time to explore the available alternatives to save money and and maintain quality.