Forming Your Own Group for Group Health Insurance

If you don’t work for someone else, you don’t get the health benefits they do. There is a way around that.

Running a small business is a real challenge, particularly in this kind of an economic climate. While it’s nice to be your own boss, there are some things that you just don’t get – like health insurance; you know, the health insurance others get when they work for a bigger company. You feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to find affordable health insurance plans for your small outfit.

You shrug your shoulders and figure maybe it just isn’t in the cards. No need to give up hope, because there is something you can do – form your own group to get small business group health insurance rates. This is actually a pretty easy thing to do and all you need is a group of like-minded small business owners who all need health insurance. Then, you band together and apply to a medical insurance company as a group. Sweet! This is a terrific way to get discounted rates on your individual policies.

Be aware that each company does have different rules when it comes to group health insurance policies, so ask questions first and find out specifically what you need to do (in great detail) before you present your idea to the “group.” Get information on individual and family coverage, just so your idea incorporates choices for everyone and in general, make sure that the group you want to form has a variety of choices as well so people have the chance to pick what suits their needs.

Psssst! Here’s a bit of a hint for you as well. If you spend a lot of time putting together this new group to apply for health insurance – finding out what you need to know, sorting out the application process, making sure everyone gets what they need, etc. – it isn’t uncommon for you to get your health insurance coverage free. Yes, free. What this means is that your individual cover would be dispersed between all the members of the group. We’re not talking a chunk of change here, but mere pennies on the dollar. It’s fair payment for the work you have done.

The bottom line? The bottom line is if you have no health insurance and are a small business owner, there is a way to form your own group and take advantage of reduced health insurance rates. Just check around to various carriers and find out what you need to know and go from there.

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