All Illinois Medicare Supplements Are the Same

You’d be surprised that many people don’t know Illinois Medicare supplements are the same, no matter from which health insurance company you buy them. The only difference is how much you pay for them.

It’s true; Medicare supplements are the same in every state of the Union, which makes it nice if you have to move from one place to another. While you might find this boring, there’s something to be said for being boring but predictable, and therefore reliable. The extra coverage is out there if you aren’t financially able to use a private health care carrier.

Just what is the “same” from state to state? The benefits are standardized, meaning every state offers exactly the same thing in their Medicare supplements packages. So there is absolutely no guessing what you have for health coverage or don’t have for health coverage. It’s all spelled out in Medicare in black and white. Every health care insurance company in your specific area has the same networks. So, that means it shouldn’t matter from whom you buy.

Well it does matter whom you buy from because while the plans are all the same, the pricing for those plans are not. Translation: you will save money if you buy from the right health insurance company. The prices are different because each company is a private business, and they set their own rates. If you do some calling around, you may be pleasantly surprised. So get your calculator out before you call.

Pricing differences on Illinois Medicare supplements aren’t a secret; in fact, everyone knows this. Insurance companies are just trying to do business in a competitive manner. Now that you know this, why not reconsider talking directly to an insurance agent. They have other information that you will ultimately need to know to decide from which company you want to buy.

If you want a deal on health care coverage, talk to an agent with a large pool of companies available. The more companies an agent has, the better the prices for health insurance premiums.

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