Bikes for Vets Helps 8 Veterans at Event

Unemployment continues to be one of the biggest struggles veterans face after exiting the military. Whether it’s due to emotional distress, physical injury, or financial hardship, many veterans are unable to land a job. Making matters worse, there are far

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Michigan’s ‘Welcome Home’ Bill to Help Veterans Transition into Civilian Life

Legislation to help veterans returning home receive information about employment and benefits available to them was passed by the Michigan House of Representatives on May 12 and has gone to the governor for consideration. Michigan governor Rick Snyder will look

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Study: Yoga Can Help Treat PTSD in Veterans

New research published in the Journal of Traumatic Stress suggests that the practice of yoga could help combat veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The study examined the effects of Sudarshan Kriya yoga on PTSD patients over the course

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Understanding TDIU: Do I Qualify?

Many veterans have service-connected disabilities that render them unable to work, even if the veterans’ disabilities have not caused them to be rated 100 percent disabled by the Veterans Administration (VA). At VA, this status is known as Total Disability

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World War II Veteran Laid to Rest in Michigan

The Year was 1944.  Robert McConachie was 17 years old and wanted to enlist and defend his country in World War II.  Because of his young age, his father, James McConachie, had to sign a waiver allowing him to join

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A Lesson in Customer Service: Veterans are Not an “Oscar the Grouch”

The Department of Veterans Affairs continues its parade of poor decisions and bad ideas with their most recent slideshow shown to VA employees, which depicts veterans as Oscar the Grouch, the character from Sesame Street. Perhaps the VA needs to

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The Brutal Legacy of War Left on Military Members

A new study released Thursday has started to unveil the brutal legacy that has been left on members of the U.S military and its veterans after more than a decade of war. The study found that over the past year,

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Homelessness Dogs Disproportionate Number of Michigan Veterans

Between 2011 and 2012, the Michigan homeless population dropped modestly from 94,033 to 93,619. But during the same year-to-year period, the trend among homeless veterans moved in the opposite direction, increasing from 4,073 to 4,243 individuals. And there is reason

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Tinnitus Is an Annoyance for Many but a Potential Disability for Veterans

Frequent, deafening noise must rank as one of the great downsides of modern civilization. Unsurprisingly, construction sites, rock concerts, and other disruptive sources of sound have contributed to a significant incidence of tinnitus (often identified as a mysterious ringing in

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VA Findings Expand Service-Connected Illnesses

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) linked five more illnesses to traumatic brain injuries (TBI). The good news for veterans suffering from these illnesses, as well as TBI, is that they will have an easier time getting much-needed additional disability

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