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Another family law reform bill falls to Gov. Scott’s veto pen

Florida Gov. Rick Scott vetoed a contentious bill that would have reformed the state’s alimony system and altered rules on child custody in divorces. The bill would have required judges in divorce proceedings to adopt a premise for approximately equal

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Studies Show Divorce’s Ill Effects on Children, but Risks Can Be Mitigated

Everyone who gets married hopes to stay that way forever. But despite everyone’s best efforts and intentions, sometimes divorce really is the only solution. For childless couples, divorce is a decision that does not greatly impact anyone but the couple

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To Ensure Wishes for Their Estates Are Met, Divorcees Must Consider Beneficiary Designations

Many people incorrectly contain their idea of estate planning entirely within the process of creating a will. They feel that as long as their will reflects their current wishes, they can rest assured that their rightful heirs will inherit their

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Bitcoin a Potential New Method of Asset Concealment in Divorces

In marriages in which one spouse is the primary breadwinner, divorce can represent a large decrease in assets and income for the higher earner. Concealment of assets is therefore a problem as old as divorce itself, and it rears its

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Attorney General Bondi Offends in Florida Same-Sex Marriage Case, but Larger Issues Are at Stake

Florida’s attorney general raised eyebrows with a brief filed in a case that challenges the state’s same-sex marriage ban. Eight gay couples who were married in states that recognize same-sex marriages joined with the American Civil Liberties Union in filing

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Tampa Recognized for Gay Rights Protections; Lawmakers and Advocates Hope to Further the Cause

A human rights group recently recognized Tampa as top in the state in its support of the LGBT community. Meanwhile, gay rights advocates hope to advance their cause statewide, and state lawmakers have a slate of civil rights bills planned

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If Affordable Care Act Lives Up To Its Name, Divorce Rate May Rise

Financial insecurity keeps many couples from seeking divorce long after they lose hope for their relationship. They simply cannot afford to go it alone. Because the cost of health care has risen steeply in recent years, their coverage often weighs

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Child Custody Issues When Ending Same-Sex Relationships

If you are in a same-sex relationship and have children, and your relationship is coming to an end, you may face some tough challenges. The law in most states, including Florida, does not treat same-sex and opposite-sex couples the same,

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Despite Rising Income for Women, Men Hesitant to Request Alimony

In theory, alimony as a legal concept exists independent of gender. It does not matter whether the payee or payer is a man or a woman – alimony is awarded when one party has a need for it and the

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Tips for Managing Your Financial Life After Divorce

Divorce means starting a new life, and that includes building financial responsibility and independence. Many new divorcees will have to deal extensively with finances for the first time in years or perhaps their entire lives. These steps will help ensure

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