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A Lesson in Customer Service: Veterans are Not an “Oscar the Grouch”

The Department of Veterans Affairs continues its parade of poor decisions and bad ideas with their most recent slideshow shown to VA employees, which depicts veterans as Oscar the Grouch, the character from Sesame Street. Perhaps the VA needs to

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What’s in the $15 Billion Legislation from Congress for Veterans?

By now most veterans and their families have seen the headlines on the VA health care scandal, secret waitlists, and the like. In light of this scandal, Congress has been working with uncharacteristic haste to provide a solution and help

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Social Security Launches Expedited Veteran Disability Process

  Kristina Derro, Esq. Veterans Disability Lawyer The government has launched a new process to expedite Social Security disability claims for a special category of veterans, the Social Security Administration announced Tuesday, March 18. Under the new process, Social Security

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Veterans going through VA appeals process wait an average of over 900 days

  Kristina Derro, Esq. The Department of Veterans Affairs’s (VA) “appeals resolution time” shot up to 923 days in fiscal year 2013 – that’s up 37% from 675 in the previous year, according to the department’s annual performance report. The

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