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Do You Need a Lawyer if You’re Opting for Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is touted widely as the way to go for spouses seeking a more pro-active role in deciding the outcome of their divorce settlement. With a host of divorce mediation specialist with a range of areas of expertise from

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Things People Don’t Know About Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation can be a better choice than engaging an attorney to represent you individually at the court. In a divorce mediation, two parties discuss their terms reasonably, without having to enter into court battles. Mediators can ensure that negotiations

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Seeking Temporary Restraining Orders During Divorce

Not all divorces are an amicable parting of ways. In fact, in cases where domestic abuse either physical or emotional is involved, things can be far from pretty. Sometimes, if one spouse – usually the woman – feels that her

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Divorce Mediation vs. Collaborative Divorce: What’s the Difference?

Divorce mediation and a collaborative divorce may sound similar but the mechanics of these two approaches can be quite different. If you are unsure on which one is better suited to your situation, here is a look at how they

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5 Divorce Mediation Myths To Get Over ASAP

Collaborative divorces and divorce mediation are an alternative to the messy, long-drawn out nightmare that a court led divorce can often turn into. Yet, there are a surprisingly large number of misconceptions surrounding divorce mediation, some grounded in a kernel

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Issues To Resolve During A Divorce Involving Children with Special Needs

Having a child who has special needs can take its toll on a marriage. If you find yourself facing divorce and have a child or children who have special needs, there are some areas you will need to focus on

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Automatic Restraining Orders: What You Need to Know

Temporary restraining orders are well-documented and those in need move heaven and earth to make sure they get them to protect themselves and their children from potentially abusive situations involving their estranged spouse during a divorce. However,  there are also

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Managing a Difficult Spouse During Divorce Mediation

Divorce is a challenging time even for otherwise calm individuals, but when you throw a challenging partner into the mix, it can be a nightmare. If you’re going through a divorce with a difficult spouse, there are some time-tested techniques

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Why Do Some Divorces Become So Expensive?

Divorce should be a fairly straightforward process if both spouses have mutually agreed to part ways. Yet, even in the most amicable of splits, the divorce itself can sometimes run into the thousands. So what is it that’s costing couples

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Spousal Support Modifications: How Long Does it Take?

Sometimes, long after a divorce settlement has been arrived at, and many months of alimony paid out, there may come a need for changing the amount or terms of the spousal support. But how long does this kind of change

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