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5 Things You Should Do When You Get Served With Divorce Papers

Divorce is a decision taken by two spouses. However, sometimes one of the spouse initiates divorce proceedings while the other one simply either agrees to agree to their demand or fight the case. If you are someone who has not

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Is Dating During Divorce A Good Idea?

The issue of dating during a divorce case is one that can be either one way or another. This can either be a complete non-issue for the case, or if facts are different it may hold significance. This blog is

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The Caring Divorce Lawyer Helping You Manage Your Costs

There are lots of myths that go around regarding the divorce process. One of them is the myth that divorce lawyers prey on their clients and milk them for money using their lack of knowledge of the process.  For the

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What to Do If Your Ex-Spouse Refuses to Work?

If you are going through a divorce, you would normally expect cases that involve self-employed spouses to be simple.  In reality though, they rarely are anything but simple. Irrespective of the order that is made by the judge in such

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A Guide To Finding A Divorce Lawyer From Scratch

If you have decided to go through a divorce, the first thing you will want to do next is decide on who will be your lawyer. How do you find a good Orange County divorce lawyer? The answer to this

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5 Tips For Better Co-Parenting During The Holidays

The 2015 holiday season is officially here.  For divorced parents dealing with how to make the holidays easier for themselves and their children, here are some tips to consider: Make A Holiday Schedule.  Create a holiday custodial schedule with your

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Spousal Support (Alimony) for Dummies

Going through a divorce is not the most pleasant experience to go through to say the least. You can go through dire emotional, financial and at times physical stress that can take its toll on you in the long run. If

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Life Insurance Considerations & Divorce

More and more people are getting life insurance these days, and that’s a good thing. Yet there are very few people who understand the intricacies of this in connection with divorce. Here is a list of a few “life insurance”

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Is Severance Pay Separate or Community Property?

“Is severance pay separate or community property” is a common question that is asked by spouses going through a California divorce. Severance pay or termination pay can come in many different forms. This can be a sizeable asset to consider

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What To Expect From Your Lawyer In A Divorce Case

Once you have decided to get yourself involved into a divorce, the role of the lawyer becomes of paramount importance. Orange County divorce cases tend to be won and lost because of the competence of the lawyers as much as

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