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How alleged professional misconduct can affect nursing licenses

All registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), certified nursing assistants (CNAs), nurse practitioners and physician assistants must have a valid license that allows them to practice in their state. However, their job makes them vulnerable to accusations of professional

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Hollywood movie producer arrested in New York securities fraud case

A California film producer was accused of defrauding hedge fund investors out of $26 million and allegedly using some of the stolen money to fund his lavish lifestyle. The indictment was filed in Manhattan federal court. David Bergstein and co-defendant

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Police find over 80 forged credit cards in identity theft case

Two men from Yonkers, New York, were arrested for identity theft after police discovered over 80 forged credit cards hidden in their rental car. They also found a laptop containing “hundreds, possibly thousands” of stolen credit card numbers, according to

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Decanting an Irrevocable Trust to Protect Public Benefit Eligibility

Unintended consequences can occur when people fail to consider the effect of a plan on persons with special needs. Estate planners who are unfamiliar with public benefits may unintentionally create plans that can wreck a beneficiary’s eligibility for SSI, Medicaid

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Ex-Bronx teacher faces up to 20 years in prison for child pornography

A former high school teacher at the Bronx High School of Science pleaded guilty to receiving child pornography in Manhattan federal court on September 23. The charge carries a mandatory five-year prison sentence with a maximum of 20 years. Jon

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Four arrested in identity theft scheme to steal luxury cars

Four people pleaded guilty to an identity theft scheme designed to purchase high-end vehicles for resale in Westchester County Court on August 5. They conspired to illegally drive off with a new $233,440 sedan from a Mercedes Benz car dealership

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Peter Brill weighs in on Trump’s threat to jail Hillary Clinton

New York criminal defense attorney Peter E. Brill of Brill Legal Group appeared in an exclusive interview on WHDT World News with journalist Mark Maxwell about a topic that has sparked debate among the legal community. In the October 11

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Court: Companies Can’t Dictate Own Rules for Worker Injuries

After years of workers’ compensation reforms around the country peeling back protections for injured workers – including in Florida – there have been a number of recent decisions by courts that have had enough. Many of the reforms enacted by

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How Students With Disabilities in New York Are Succeeding

Some special education experts say that New York’s assessment tests, aligned with Common Core standards and intended to improve student achievement, are not producing good outcomes for students with disabilities. Last year, throughout the state, there were 190 school districts

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$4.25 Million Settlement Over Medical Malpractice Baby Deaths Won’t Be Sealed

A judge in New York state has refused to seal a medical malpractice lawsuit settlement agreement for $4.25 million. The case, involving the deaths of two twin fetuses who died before they were born, stemmed from allegations that the hospital

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