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How to Prepare for Your Retirement

According to Pew Research Center, approximately 26 percent of the U.S. population is made up of the generation nicknamed the “Baby Boomers.” Born between the years 1946 and 1964, the oldest Boomers are turning 66 this year, while the youngest

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To Do Before Summer: Review Your Estate Plan

By Susan M. Green, Esquire It’s that time of year again – vacation season!  The pre-vacation To Do list keeps getting longer and longer: pack a swimsuit, stop the mail for the week, ask neighbors to water the flowers, set

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Fundraisers: Requirements and Guidelines

By Susan M. Green, Esquire Many fundraisers are held by individuals who are seeking to help a friend or stranger in need, but who do not have experience with the stringent requirements that the law places on such efforts. The

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The Impact of Fundraisers on Beneficiaries

By Susan M. Green, Esquire Crisis and Kindness In times of crisis, people often show just how caring humanity can be. Major humanitarian relief efforts respond to large-scale natural and unnatural disasters. Strangers donate time and money to individuals injured

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Veteran’s Appeals

An applicant can appeal a VA decision if he or she was awarded only partial benefits or if the claim was denied. Levels of Appeal Regional Office Appeal Once the regional VA office issues a determination, in the form of

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Medicare Part D Appeals

Each drug plan must have an appeals process. Expedited requests are available. Stages of Review Coverage Determination A coverage determination is issued by the drug plan. It may be requested by a beneficiary, the beneficiary’s appointed representative, or a prescribing

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A Twofold Approach to Long Term Care Needs Is Recommended

Among the many misperceptions regarding Medicaid and long-term care planning is the myth that asset protection planning and long-term care insurance don’t work well together. Unfortunately, many individuals, including many professionals, believe these two planning options are mutually exclusive and

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It Takes Two to Protect Your Financial Future When Working With Couples

Studies show that almost half of the individuals in this country require long-term care at some point in their lives. In fact, many couples find themselves in a situation where one spouse requires nursing home care while the other spouse

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MECHANICS OF THE LOAN Since a lawsuit itself is essentially the collateral to secure the finance company’s advances, the lending company will obtain information from the personal injury attorney concerning the case. They will follow these steps to offer the

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There is an ever-growing cottage industry of investors ready, willing and able to make the equivalent of a loan to an individual who is the plaintiff in a personal injury case. These transactions, also known as pre-settlement lending, are a

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