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Some Best Practices for Managing Exclusive Medicare Supplement Leads

Managing exclusive Medicare supplement leads takes time and marketing savvy. Are you up to the challenge? Running an insurance business is challenging, fun, frustrating and filled with highs and lows, and yet, those who have chosen to sell insurance products

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Making Sure Medicare Supplement Leads Are Genuine Before Purchasing

Medicare supplements are a hot commodity in a greying America, but getting in touch with those who actually want them can be trickier than one would imagine. Medicare supplement leads, whether they are exclusive or not, require some fact checking

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Work Like an MLM Marketer on Medicare Supplement Leads

Even insurance salespeople can make their sales record the envy of other agents if they work leads like multi-level marketing (MLM) professionals. MLM agents are often considered in a class of their own, and in some ways, they are. However,

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Set yourself apart from the insurance competition with social media

Social media is one of the best tools you can use to keep ahead of the competition. By setting yourself apart on social profiles, you and your agency won’t become an “also eligible” entity when a person is considering insurance

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Don’t like Twitter or Facebook? Other social media platforms can also help you connect with your life insurance leads

Maybe you don’t like Facebook or Twitter. Perhaps you find them clunky, too time-consuming or overwhelmingly technical. Most importantly, they may not be working for you. Fair enough. They are not the only social media platforms you can use to promote

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The Most Cost-Effective Marketing Route: Snail Mail Vs Internet Medicare Supplement Leads

Finding Medicare supplement leads can be as time-consuming or as simple as you make it. For a number of years, direct mail was the go-to method to generate Medicare supplement leads. Cards were mailed out to specific target areas, and

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Getting your message seen online: Part five

Keep your messages and videos short. The shorter the better. Landing pages that go on for miles are not appreciated by those who want the bottom line as soon as possible. If people are accessing your offerings on a smartphone

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Getting your message seen online: Part four

Make sure your online message is personal for everyone that hears it. Sound impossible? It’s not. Speak so that viewers and readers feel you are talking directly to them. To accomplish that, you don’t want to refer to “viewers” or

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Master Medicare Policy Details Before Starting to Sell

In order to sell Medicare plans, you need an intimate understanding of their details. Make sure you set yourself up for success. You must know how Medicare Parts A and B work — and what they offer and do not

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Why choose to buy exclusive Medicare supplement leads?

Fair question. Exclusive leads are more expensive. But there is good reason for that. Exclusive leads give you far more control over and efficiency in your work because the contacts in them come only to you. Each lead has been

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