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Litigation Funding is an Option for Plaintiffs with Mounting Debt during a Pending Lawsuit

If a truck accident has been caused by the failure of the truck or its parts, components or systems, the carrier, distributor or manufacturer may be liable for accident victims’ injuries and other losses. The failure of a truck’s parts,

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Litigation Funding Helps Plaintiffs Negotiate From A Position Of Strength

Whether an auto accident was due to driver negligence or poor road conditions, innocent victims may be able to recover compensation for damages by filing a personal injury lawsuit. Litigation funding can be a financial lifesaver if you need help

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Litigation Funding Corporation Provides Means for Auto Accident Victims to Decline a Low Settlement Offer

Auto accidents are the number one cause of personal injuries in the U.S., causing both physical and financial strain to a victim and his/her family. Yet, insurance companies, those that happily take policyholder’s premiums, will use deny, delay, and defend

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Lawsuit Alleges Nursing Home and Rehab Center Did Not Properly Care For Hip Fracture

A deceased woman’s family has filed a lawsuit against a Chicago long-term care facility, accusing them of failing to appropriately caring for a hip fracture until several days after the fall that caused the fracture. According to the suit, the

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Guest Claims Hotel Concealed a Hole with Carpet, Leading to Her Fall and Injuries

Property owners have a duty to maintain and inspect their premise for problems and to warn of hazardous conditions. If they shirk these responsibilities, owners are responsible for any injuries that occur due to the properties’ hazardous conditions. Injuries sustained

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Victims Have the Power to Seek Justice with Litigation Funding

A wrongful death lawsuit has recently been filed resulting from a fatal 2013 crash in Minnesota. The victim was driving on Interstate 35 in North Branch when he swerved to avoid hitting a deer in his lane, according to the

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Couple Claims Negligence Led To Injuries In Elevator Accident

An employee and his wife recently filed a lawsuit against Elevator Industries of Illinois, Inc., Standard Elevator Building Company; and Chicagoland Community Management Inc., alleging that an improperly inspected and maintained belt manlift resulted in injuries to the employee’s legs

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Why You Need Litigation Funding If You Are Involved In A Personal Injury Lawsuit

A personal injury can be the result of a defective product, medical malpractice, slip and fall accident, or dangerous products, but the most common cause is an auto accident. When a personal injury occurs, the first step is to seek

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Chicago Surgical Patient Alleges Medical Malpractice During Gall Bladder Surgery

Alfred Matthews went to the hospital for a routine gall bladder surgery. During his operation, the surgeon allegedly severed his common bile duct. Matthews filed a personal injury lawsuit against the hospital Orland Park in Chicago, the surgeon Dr. James

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Teen May Get Off with Probation, but Wrongful Death Lawsuit is Still Pending in Triple-Fatal Crash

An 18-year-old Georgia teen has pleaded guilty to three counts of second- degree vehicular homicide and been sentenced to 24 months of probation in an accident that killed three people. The teen was driving a Ford Taurus southbound on a

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