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Litigation Funding Provides Plaintiffs Financial Support to see Their Case to Completion

After an auto accident, injured victims have a lot to worry about — physical injuries, medical bills, and unpaid time off from work. Working with the insurance company will mostly likely be difficult and time-consuming task. They know you’re in

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Massive Vaginal Wound During Birth Results in 50 Million Jury Award

Llaulin Cruz was 38 years old when she gave birth to her daughter on November 30, 2009. Having a baby was to be a joyous occasion, but what Ms. LCruz found out later turned her whole life upside down. The

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Unbelievable 25 Surgeries Performed on Infant Ends in Medical Negligence Settlement

According to a recent survey by the National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF), one of the leading causes of death in the United States is medical error. The Personal Injury Bureau (PIB) suggests that approximately 400,000 deaths in 2014 were the

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Surgical Removal of Wrong Rib Leads to Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

This bizarre case outlines the risks associated with attempting to cover up a medical mistake. Deborah Craven, 60, was scheduled to have eights rib removed in May 2015 at Yale Hospital in Connecticut. The operation was consider a success, but

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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed in Electrocution Case

A widow of an electrocuted welder filed a wrongful death lawsuit, on the second-year anniversary of death. A 33-year-old welder was unexpectedly electrocuted while he was on-the-job at a recycling center in October 2014. He was assisting several other workers

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Twenty Feet of Muck Killed 43

A landslide, in 2014, killed 43 people in rural Oso, northeast of Seattle. A $60 million settlement has been reached in the case. The largest wrongful death lawsuit in history was just about to begin when the logging company agreed

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Litigation Funding is a Godsend When Running Out of Resources in a Pending Lawsuit

Running out of gas can put motorist and their passengers in jeopardy should the vehicle suddenly become immobilized on the roadway; drivers can end up stranded in the middle of a busy highway without the ability to move their vehicle.

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Nine-Year-Old Girl Killed in DUI Crash

A 25-year-old Chicago man was recently charged with multiple felonies including drunk driving after causing an accident which killed a young girl. The alleged negligent driver was subsequently charged with leaving the scene of the accident, two counts of drunk

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Newborn Dies Four Days After Birth, Mother Files Medical Negligence Lawsuit

Rachel Melancon’s baby died four days after delivery. The death was allegedly due to medical negligence. Plaintiff Melancon’s baby was born in December 2013. Four days later the newborn, named Olivia, died, ostensibly as a result of the doctor’s delay

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Litigation Funding Removes The Financial Stress Associated With A Personal Injury Lawsuit

A personal injury is that life-changing moment when you are seriously injured as the result of someone else’s negligence or carelessness. The most obvious example of this is an automobile accident. An auto accident lawsuit begins by hiring the right

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