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Win Your Personal Injury Lawsuit with the Help of Litigation Funding

A personal injury can be a life-changing moment, leaving you with severe injuries and disabilities, as well as a financial and emotional stress as the bills pile up. Magnifying the situation is the deep pockets of insurance companies and corporations

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Chimp attack results in $4 million settlement

Many Americans recall the story of a chimpanzee that severely mauled a woman, and destroyed her face. This was a strange case to begin with, involving a chimpanzee that attacked Charla Nash, leaving her terribly disfigured, without hands and facing

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Medical copter crash kills three

No one knows for sure what happened. Perhaps it was a mechanical malfunction that cost three lives. This is one of those stories you really hate to hear —- three dedicated professionals, two nurses and a top-notch helicopter pilot, killed

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Transplanted Lungs Of Heavy Smoker Kill Donor Recipient

You have to wonder what people were thinking when diseased lungs were transplanted into a cystic fibrosis patient. It won’t surprise too many people to find out that the deceased in this case died of a lung tumor, thanks to

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Teen Shot To Death Over Paintball Game

The world is a strange place these days. Imagine a young teen being shot over a paintball game. This wrongful-death story from South Dakota began with an argument over a paintball game. It got seriously out of hand, and the

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The 2012 Presidential Election Nearly Got One Man Killed

There are times when discussing politics can be dangerous. This is one strange case. It takes many different kinds of people to make up an interesting world. However, there are some lines in the sand that one really should not

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Motorcycle accident severely injures former pro baseball pitcher

The man injured in this motorcycle accident remains in a coma. There are subtle signs of improvement. Well-known Christian broadcaster for KKLA in Los Angeles, Frank Pastore, was seriously injured when his motorcycle was struck by a car on the

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Drunk driver kills passenger

It is incomprehensible why people drink and drive. It happens far too often, with deadly results. A little-known, tough-as-nails young actress who starred in the movie, “Bad News Bears,” has died. She was 20-years-old when she died in a car

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Stomp attack results in 20 year jail sentence

The violence amongst teens today is frightening. This case resulted in permanent brain injuries to the victim. Good news rarely captures people attention like the bad stuff does. This case is a prime example of society gone horridly wrong: A

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Off duty cop may spend 28-years in prison

It’s nice to know that the law is not above the law. This case demonstrates that. A recent case out of Chicago is notable for its unusual feature: it involved an off-duty Chicago cop. According to the police report, an

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