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Do you have good social media marketing skills?

It’s a fact. Online marketing is here to stay. It’s a trend with no end in sight. It is continually going through various iterations almost daily, meaning you need to have the right set of skills to keep up with

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Good communication is not just relevant when it comes to your insurance website

Although you may be aware that communicating with your customers and potential customers is a vital requirement on your website, you may not extend the same thought to your blog or your LinkedIn profile. Some business gurus update their profiles

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Insure.com’s Rating of Best Auto Insurance Companies

This week, Insure.com, the self-proclaimed independent consumer insurance website, released its list of Best Insurance Companies based on customer satisfaction rankings.  The company surveyed 3,835 customers of 15 large insurers in auto, home, and health insurance, and 14 in life

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Insurance Agents: Enhance Your Online Presence By Blogging

Some insurance agents assume that blogging about their policies or about the market is a huge waste of their time. On the contrary: a blog can be one of the smartest tools in a savvy insurance agent’s marketing arsenal. A

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Get Your Insurance Blog Online With Google Blog Search

Did you know you can get your insurance blog online with Google? You may already know a great deal about Google seach engine results for web searches. But Google also offers additional, specific (and lesser-known) search engines. Have you heard

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Insurance marketing online means dealing with algorithm changes constantly

If your insurance agency is online, you need to deal with algorithm changes regularly. Nothing seems to be easy any longer. Do you know what you need to do if the algorithms keep changing? You already know that affects how

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For a new insurance website, demand full ownership of the contents

Don’t look now, but your website content does not belong to you. Did that get your attention? Did you know that even if you spend lots of dollars on getting the perfect insurance website, paying for great blogs and tons

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Insurance marketing online means dealing with algorithm changes constantly

Google changes their algorithms constantly to keep the Internet populated with relevant material, but it affects your online insurance marketing. Do you know what to do about it? If you don’t, you are not alone. There are so many changes

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Health insurance is really, critically necessary

It’s a virtual given that at some point in your life, you will need medical care. If you don’t have insurance, how will you pay for it? While you may be fairly healthy right now and perhaps do not see

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Are banner ads a good fit for insurance marketing?

Love banner ads and want one for your insurance website? Before you invest any money into banner ads, do some market research first. Today’s online marketing environment is more complex than it has ever been, particularly with Google making algorithm

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