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FAIR seems to have things backwards when it comes to immigration reform

FAIR argues legalization is a siren call to foreigners to cross the border and illegally take American jobs. If this particular debate got any hotter, we’d likely see politicians duking it out in the House. Legalize. Don’t legalize. What will

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Is soup-to-nuts immigration reform a possibility?

Let the bells ring out; Obama says the time for immigration reform is “now.” Well? It’s no secret that 2012 was a really busy year for all things political. Busy and actually accomplishing something however, are two different things. As

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Deportations at an all-time high make one wonder about immigration reforms chances

Even though immigration reform is supposedly flagged as a “must do” for this year, one wonders about its success with the high rate of deportations. The next four years are crucial for President Obama. He has been given the mandate,

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Legal or illegal alien, which is it?

It seems like the government does not know what it’s doing with immigration reform. Perhaps that is not an unusual observation. Just recently, the Inspector General for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) revealed that the government computer program that

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A flop at the polls, Republicans now take a stand to help immigration

When the wind of political fortunes change, politicians of all stripes adjust their song sheets. It’s no secret that the Republicans flopped miserably in the polls. For those that understand the critical issues of the day, this was not a

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Immigration reform – again

Another election is over. Is it time for another crack at immigration reform? One of the first things the President Re-elect did in his first news conference is talk with enthusiasm and optimism about comprehensive immigration reform. While that might

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Who Really Cares About Immigration Reform Enough To Take Action?

It’s hard to tell who really gives a darn about immigration reform enough to take concrete action. It’s quite the bizarre twist when you get right down to it – an immigration system that welcomes immigrants, but yet deports them

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Romney Backs Self-Deportation

The election is over. Good thing immigration reform is still on the table – maybe. Even though the election is over, it is good to refresh your memory when it comes to what the two presidential candidates were offering as

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Where is common sense in the immigration reform debate?

It’s hard to function in the world today without common sense. However, politicians seem to manage. Consider the situation of immigration enforcement being at an all time high and how that directly impacts on U.S. food production. Don’t see the

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Immigration reform stalled at least another year, or more

No one thinks of technical immigration reform and the STEM Jobs Act. They should, as it impacts our country. The more politics gets into the picture relating to immigration reform, the less clarity we get as a whole on the

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