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Florida Auto Insurance Reform Will Go to State Appeals Court

Part of the 2012 Florida auto insurance reform law regarding personal injury protection (PIP) was put on hold by a state court, but an appeal means the law will stand until an appeals court rules on it. The reform bill,

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Homeowners in Florida May See Insurance Rates Rise Under New Bill

A bill is making progress in the Florida Senate that would reduce the size of Citizens Property Insurance and permit property insurers to increase their rates. Senate Bill 1770, sponsored by Sen. David Simmons, R-Altamonte Springs, is a large insurance

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If Teenager Got a Car for the Holidays, It Is Time To Update Insurance

This past holiday some families may have chosen to give one of the family vehicles to a teenage child to spare the expense of buying a new car. Many families choose to give an already-paid-for automobile to one of the

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Valuable Holiday Gifts Often Require Homeowners Insurance Policy Adjustment

If Santa tucked a new pair of diamond earrings into the stocking last year, then it is time to adjust the home insurance policy to make sure new valuables are covered. “A holiday gift with monetary value needs to be

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Donate a Car or Boat to Charity? Do Not Forget to Adjust the Insurance Policy

Nonprofit organizations, recognizing the cash-strapped times, have recently started offering an alternative as a tax-deductible donation to their cause: giving them an old car. Sometimes public radio stations will offer a pick up service and allow supporters to donate a

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Florida Considering Laws Against Distracted Driving

As the 2012 legislative session gets under way in state capitols across the country, many states are looking to pass more restrictions on distracted drivers with an emphasis on texting. Florida has six bills up for consideration this session that

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Florida Considers Reforms to Personal Injury Protection Law

Florida lawmakers will consider reforms in 2012 to state insurance regulations that could cut back on fraudulent claims that make the Sunshine State one of the most expensive places in the country to insure an automobile. It is widely speculated

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Officials Find No Link Between Chinese Drywall and Health Issues

A recent study fails to show that faulty drywall in homes is a cause of health problems. About 4,000 families complained to the Consumer Product Safety Commission that bad drywall was causing nosebleeds and respiratory ailments. More than half of

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Florida Trying to Cut Back on Insurance Fraud

Florida lawmakers will take on personal injury protection insurance fraud this year and Gov. Rick Scott thinks they can fix a system where fraud causes $1 billion in increased premiums every year, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Florida law

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Car Features Should Focus on Safety and Not as Much Infotainment and Multitasking Safety Advocates Warn

New vehicles come with many bells and whistles, but for many auto safety advocates, new cars are coming with too many infotainment gadgets and not enough safety features. Bluetooth devices and voice commands allow for hands-free communication, but these features

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