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After tenth drunk driving conviction, man gets jail

Ivy Eberhardt, 62, of Weatherford, Texas, was finally sentenced to life in prison in light of his tenth drunk driving conviction since the 1980s. His driving record is even more dismal: 10 DWI convictions and 12 DWI arrests. The sentencing

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Motorcyclist driving while under the influence causes death of another biker

Those who drink and drive are at extreme risk of being involved in serious or fatal accidents. That is what happened in this motorcycle accident case. One biker rear-ended another in an intersection. The force of the impact ejected the

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Even police officials may be fired for driving under the influence

Don’t drink and drive is an admonition to be taken to heart by not just the general public, but also by police officers, on and off duty. Recently, a Travis County, Texas, detective was terminated from his position when he

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Drunk driving can land you in jail even if you have had no accidents

Houston habitual drunk drivers can end up in jail if they have an extensive record for driving while intoxicated (DWI). It happened recently in the case of Bobby Martin, a 64-year-old Montgomery County resident, who was handed 10 years behind

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Smartphones still let teens do dumb things behind the wheel

It is no secret that texting while driving increases the risk of getting into a serious accident more than 20-fold. That statistic suggests it is far more dangerous that driving while impaired (DWI). Teens tend to be enthusiastic texters and

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What Will It Take To Get A State-Wide Ban On Texting While Driving?

Earlier this week, families who have been destroyed by texting while driving wrecks came to Austin to urge state lawmakers to adopt a state-wide texting while driving ban.  Unfortunately, they’re not alone.  Stories like those shared by these families have

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Driving drunk never has a good ending

Recently, a nine-year-old girl lost her life when a drunk driver hit the vehicle in which she was riding. The girl’s mother sustained a broken shoulder and collapsed lung as a result of the collision. The 41-year-old man who collided

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Texan Government and Legal Professionals Offer Tips for Safe and Happy Driving This Holiday Season

Year after year, Texas leads the nation in traffic fatalities due to drunk driving. Add to that the still-growing spike in fatal crashes due to the energy boom, and Texans have good reason to think carefully about staying safe on

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59 criminal charges land 23-year-old a 5-15 year jail sentence

Dennis Drue was 23 years old when his car hit another vehicle, killing two and injuring two. Before the crash, Drue’s driving record was sadly impressive. It reflected five license suspensions, four accidents and 22 traffic tickets. His charges after

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Repeat drunk driving offenders are not uncommon

Despite drunk driving campaigns and a series of laws relating to DWIs, repeat drunk driving offenders remain common. James Fisher has been arrested 12 times since 1991 for driving while intoxicated. Fisher’s last arrest took place just after his release

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