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Laylock v. TMS Logistics – Florida Court to Investigate Alleged Juror Misconduct in $3.5M Truck Accident Lawsuit

Although the majority of personal injury lawsuits will end up being resolved via settlement prior to trial, those that do go to court will require that a jury weigh all the relevant evidence and make decisions regarding liability and damages.

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Florida appeals court sides with Tampa General Hospital in medical malpractice case

An appeals court upheld a ruling shielding Tampa General Hospital from potential medical malpractice liability in a case over a patient who died during surgery. The 2nd District Court of Appeal upheld a ruling by a circuit judge granting summary

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Texas drill pipe supplier files lawsuit against company alleging breach of contract

A breach of contract lawsuit was filed by a Houston, Texas drill pipe supplier against a North Dakota company. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas Aug. 31 by Vallourec Drilling Products

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Anderson v. Hilton Hotels Corp. – Premises Liability Plaintiff Wins Attorney Fees on Top of $1.7M Damage Award

A man who suffered severe personal injuries when he was attacked by a gunman in a Florida hotel parking lot successfully sued the hotel, the hotel management company, the hotel investment firm and the hotel security provider for $1.7 million.

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Quinn v. CP Franchising – Coming and Going Rule in Workers’ Compensation Claims

Florida employees who are injured in the course and scope of employment are entitled to collect workers’ compensation benefits to cover their medical bills and a portion of their lost wages while they recover. However, these benefits are not absolute and

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Florida Supreme Court Sets Arguments in Medical Malpractice Case

The Florida Supreme Court agreed to hear arguments in December on a constitutional challenge to a 2013 medical malpractice law. The Justices agreed to take up the issue of “ex parte communications” in medical malpractice cases. In a case filed

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Burger King Corp. v. Lastre-Torres – Third-Party Liability for Florida Work Injury

In Florida, workers’ compensation is considered the exclusive remedy for workplace injuries. There is sometimes confusion about what this means. In most cases, if you are injured at work, you can collect workers’ compensation benefits, assuming your employer had the

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Olson v. Florida Living Options Inc. – Nursing Home Arbitration Agreement Challenged

Nursing home arbitration agreements have become the norm in the nursing home admission process. Assisted living and nursing home facilities know that when individuals and families make the decision to place their loved one in a full-time care facility, they

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Ochoa v. Koppel – Florida Car Accident Settlement Offer Rules Challenged

In Florida personal injury lawsuits, it is common for one party or the other to issue a proposed settlement offer, pursuant to F.S. 768.79 and Rule 1.442. The statute and rule set a hard, 30-day deadline for the other party

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Coffey-Garcia v. South Miami Hospital – Florida Birth Injury Lawsuit

In Florida, the statute of limitations for medical malpractice cases is two years. However, there are a number of exceptions, and birth injury cases in particular get a fair amount of leeway. The general idea is that discovery of the

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