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Austin Accidents on the Rise Due to Construction and Inattention to Speed Limits

Austin is a busy city, rapidly expanding to greet new people. As the population grows, the number of traffic accidents increases. The increasing number of accidents in Austin is related to the number of construction sites now actively expanding various

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Negligence on Texas Worksite Leads to Severe Leg Injury

Those who let their attention slip on the jobv may inadvertently contribute to serious injuries or deaths. Texas worksites are active accidents looking for a place to happen. Workers could easily suffer serious injuries if their coworkers are not following

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Routine maintenance on a Houston jobsite sends five to hospital

It was a routine day on the job for CenterPoint Energy workers doing maintenance work when an electrical fire broke out. Five Houston workers were seriously harmed in an on-the-job accident involving a fire caused by an electrical malfunction. Eyewitness

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Texas gas tanker and SUV collide, incinerating five victims

This accident scene looked like a towering inferno had swept though, leveling everything in sight. The collision happened at the intersection of two rural roads. An SUV and a gas tanker collided in a ball of flames, scorching the earth

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High speed collision caused by drunk driver with BAC of .17 percent

It goes without saying, if you drink and drive, there are often deadly consequences. The accident scene in this case was a collection of torn and twisted metal, busted glass, torn off vehicle parts and incensed drivers. The man who

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Texas Fertilizer Plant Had an Exemption Regarding Workplace Inspections

It remains to be seen how many lawsuits will be filed as a result of the West Chemical and Fertilizer explosion. The day of the explosion, at least 14 people lost their lives, and part of a small Texas town

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Distracted driving statistics are chilling

As the number of mobile devices designed for use in a moving vehicle increases, so do deaths related to their use. A recently released report showed that Americans, as a nation, talk, text and drive much more than Europeans. This

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Big rigs and medical marijuana are not a good mix

Driving a big rig and smoking marijuana is not only not smart, it can be deadly. The Department of Transportation (DOT) recently issued a notice that stated emphatically that federal law prohibits the use of marijuana by truckers and that

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Snow and booze do not mix

It’s tough enough driving in snowy weather without being drunk. It’s a true miracle that the victim in this crash was able to survive with a broken arm, and not end up dead in a wreckage of twisted metal and

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Gas station lies about selling booze and jury returns $15 million verdict in wrongful death case

Sometimes it is the little things in life that, once discovered, change the outcome of a trial. This particular case took seven years to finally offer the family some sense of closure over the death of their 13-year-old son. The

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