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Judge Approves Settlement in BP Oil Spill Case

A settlement deal has received final approval by the federal judge presiding in a lawsuit against BP by tens of thousands of individuals and businesses affected by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in 2010. It is estimated that BP

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Lawsuits and Investigations Continue Against Chesapeake Energy Into 2013

Chesapeake Energy Corp. has had a difficult year. The Oklahoma City-based oil and natural gas producer has endured lawsuits from landowners, a plummeting stock price, a scandal involving its board chairman, and ongoing state and federal probes into the company.

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Kinder Morgan Settles with El Paso Shareholders for $110 Million

Kinder Morgan, the Houston-based energy firm, agreed to pay a total of $110 million to settle lawsuits by shareholders. The litigation stems from Kinder Morgan’s October 2011 acquisition of the natural gas producer El Paso Corp., also headquartered in Houston,

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Kleberg County Attorney Claims She Was Terminated for Being a Whistleblower

The Assistant County Attorney for Kleberg County has had her employment terminated, and she claims it is because she is a whistleblower. Kleberg County Attorney Delma Rios Salazar fired Assistant County Attorney Diane Elizondo. Elizondo claims she was “wrongfully terminated

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Dallas Oil and Gas Company Wins $162 Million Verdict

Longview Energy Company, a Dallas-based oil and gas company, has been awarded a $162 million verdict by a South Texas jury that determined that two of the corporation’s directors had been unjustly enriched through the abuse of their authority over

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Renewable Energy Company Files Breach of Contract Lawsuit

A renewable energy firm has filed a lawsuit against a German company in a dispute over the formation of a Texas-based partnership.  Forestech Energy claims that German Pellets breached a contract to create a company that would export wood pellets

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Battle for Airplane Wingtip Patent Could Stay in Austin Federal Court

The battle to keep airplane fuel costs low is now extending to the fight over where a patent lawsuit should be heard. In Airbus v. Aviation Partners, Airbus wants the rights to market a curved wingtip attachment that makes an

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Texas Oil and Gas Lease Dispute Catches Landowner in Legal Trap

A recent Texas oil and gas appeals case taught a hard lesson to an unsuspecting landowner. In Aston Meadows v. Devon Energy, Aston Meadows had purchased approximately 182 acres in Tarrant County. Unknown to them, Devon Energy held an oil,

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Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Against CVS Pharmacy Asserts Harassment and Retaliation

A pharmacist at CVS Pharmacy has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the company claiming she experienced harassment and retaliation after she requested an accommodation for her disability. In Juanita Gilbert v. CVS Pharmacy Inc., Gilbert seeks compensation for her pain

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Pregnant Woman Alleges Gender Discrimination When Fired from Texas Nursing Position

A recent Texas employment lawsuit shows what an employer should not do when an employee becomes pregnant. In Dailey v. Millennial Care Management, Inc., a nursing home supervisor in Prestonwood told her employer that she was pregnant. The next day

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