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Special-Effects Trend in Tiling Arrives From Overseas

Flooring trends, like politicians, constantly change to please people. The latest European trend is glass tiling with a “special” effect. “The UK tile market is exploding with the latest creative tile trends –- 3D glass tile with bold, snappy colors,

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Tiling Mistakes to Avoid at DIY Time

Personal home renovation projects risk some pitfalls. “Some home projects, including tiling, can be easy and fun. But no matter how experienced you might be, a number of things can still go wrong. If you want a quality installation job,

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Tiling Projects Require Professional Handling

DIY-ers love doing tackling projects around the house. If tiling is next on the list, it will require research and care. Tiling is not as easy as it looks. House, home and hearth need professional installation and finishing to look

Hints of Marble Add Elegance on a Budget

When used in accentwork, marble can support an inexpensive kitchen or bathroom upgrade. “You can have the elegance and benefits of marble even if you really can’t afford complete marble surfaces. You can pull off some seriously stunning looks by

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Does The Hardness of Wood Flooring Matter?

Does it matter how hard hardwood is? Most people consider the look, width and price of different woods when choosing flooring, but not many consider their firmness. “Some wood looks great in delicate areas, but won’t do well in a

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Pick a Medicare Lead Provider to Be a Partner

To build up an insurance business, you need to find reliable partners, not resellers, in lead generation. “Not many agents understand the difference between a partner and a reseller of quality leads, like Medicare supplement leads,” explained Clelland Green, RHU

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If Bathroom Renos Are Pending, Pay Attention to the Process of Proper Tiling

There are four rules of thumb to observe when tiling. “Bathroom renos can be fun and they can also be a huge pain,” points out the owner of Champion Tile and Marble in Tampa Bay, Florida, Dean Dupre. “The DIY

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The Latest Hot Trend Is Tiling Walls

Most people think tiles are for the floor. These days, tiling the wall is the hot new trend. When new trends hit the market, you tend to see a lot of homeowners rushing out to try the latest fad. Right

If You DIY a Hardwood Floor, Factor in Cupping and Buckling

Laying hardwood floor does not mean just putting it down and leaving it. Beware of cupping and buckling. Many DIY homeowners feel they can install their own flooring, and many do a fine job. However, when it comes to hardwood,

Living Spaces Are Not the Only Areas That May Need New Flooring

Once the home looks good, many owners expand their creativity to a garage gym, which needs the right type of flooring. “Most garages have a concrete slab, and that is not the best surface to work out on. In fact,

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