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It Takes Two to Protect Your Financial Future When Working With Couples

Studies show that almost half of the individuals in this country require long-term care at some point in their lives. In fact, many couples find themselves in a situation where one spouse requires nursing home care while the other spouse

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It Pays to Protect a Business Website from Copycats and Hackers

Los Angeles – Imagine doing a routine Google search of your business and name, only to find that a website thousands of miles away had copied the logo, design, text, and even some photos. This is what happened to the

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Borrower Profile and Credit Concerns in Pre-Settlement Lending in Personal Injury Cases

There is an ever-growing cottage industry of investors ready, willing and able to make the equivalent of a loan to an individual who is the plaintiff in a personal injury case. These transactions, also known as pre-settlement lending, are a

New Jersey Special Needs Lawyer Highlights the Importance of Estate Planning for Parents of Disabled Children

New Jersey Special Needs Lawyer Highlights the Importance of Estate Planning for Parents of Disabled Children Moorestown, N.J. – Estate planning for parents with disabled children is a very delicate and important proposition. During their lifetime, parents are able to

Mortgage Refinancing May Still be Obtained After Bankruptcy Indicates Iowa Bankruptcy Lawyer

Most people think that if they declare bankruptcy they can never get mortgage refinancing. That is not the case, as it is possible to obtain a mortgage loan after bankruptcy. “A lot of people do not realize that they can

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The Complexities Of A Testimony From A Child Could Outweigh The Benefits In A Divorce Case

Brandon, Fla. – In 2011, almost half of all kids in America live in divorced or separated families. When parents go through a divorce, many of them ask if their child or children can testify or speak to the judge

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Intellectual Property Rights Are Your Key to Business Profitability

Most people do not really care about intellectual property. It is only those who have a direct investment in something that ultimately makes them money that are concerned. It goes without saying that large companies these days have an enormous

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Legal Help For Veterans Foresees Long Waits After Agent Orange Case

A recent U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims case pushed Vietnam-era Agent Orange exposure back into the news, and may slow down the already sluggish Veteran’s Affairs claims process. At the end of August, the VA added ischemic heart

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The Law Offices of Osofsky and Osofsky Offers Tips on Contesting the Will

Contesting a will is not easy, but may sometimes be necessary to preserve the proper distribution of an estate. A person may be able to contest their loved one’s will if the person has good reason to believe that it

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Speedy Travel at the Airport

Although I am not going anywhere, as summer rolls along, visions of distant lands dance in my head. However, that vision is marred by long lines at the airports – getting your luggage checked, getting into a plane with carry-on

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