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Insurance News | SEONewsWire.net - Part 2
Category: Insurance News

Medicare Supplement Leads are Trending Says Benepath.net CEO

Insurance agents know the value of Medicare supplements leads. They can turn a modest agency into a thriving business. “It’s not hard to sell Medicare supplement leads and with good reason,” says Clelland Green, RHU, CEO, and president of Benepath.net

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Valuable Holiday Gifts Often Require Homeowners Insurance Policy Adjustment

If Santa tucked a new pair of diamond earrings into the stocking last year, then it is time to adjust the home insurance policy to make sure new valuables are covered. “A holiday gift with monetary value needs to be

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Donate a Car or Boat to Charity? Do Not Forget to Adjust the Insurance Policy

Nonprofit organizations, recognizing the cash-strapped times, have recently started offering an alternative as a tax-deductible donation to their cause: giving them an old car. Sometimes public radio stations will offer a pick up service and allow supporters to donate a

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Car Features Should Focus on Safety and Not as Much Infotainment and Multitasking Safety Advocates Warn

New vehicles come with many bells and whistles, but for many auto safety advocates, new cars are coming with too many infotainment gadgets and not enough safety features. Bluetooth devices and voice commands allow for hands-free communication, but these features

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With the CLASS Act Over Seniors Look For Long-Term Care Alternatives Notes Next Exit Retirement CEO

When long-term care provisions in the health care reform act were dumped, seniors wondered how they would pay for expensive nursing or home care. “The abandonment of the long-term care provisions in the health reform act scared millions of American

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Health Is the Most Important Asset To Have Says Benepath CEO

Taking care of one’s health is crucial to financial stability. Without health insurance, that stability is threatened. “While you may think it is a stretch of the imagination to think you could be in debt so deep there is no

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Florida Drivers Heading North for the Holidays Should Double Check Their Auto Insurance For Peace of Mind

For many Floridians, the winter holidays are a time to see relatives up north. It is important to remember that it takes a different mindset to safely drive in snowy and icy conditions. Florida drivers should check with their relatives

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Health Insurance Leads Need to Be Worked Quickly Says Benepath CEO

To get the most out of health insurance leads, they need to be worked quickly. The faster someone receives a phone call, the quicker the sale. “Health insurance leads are gold and need to be worked as soon as you

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Efforts to Lower Auto Insurance Premiums and Fraud Increase in Florida

Florida’s no-fault accident laws have caused costs to skyrocket for personal injury protection. Florida auto insurance fraud is at all-time highs, and staged accidents, bogus pain clinics, and excessive claims are causing auto insurance premiums to go higher and higher.

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Florida Auto Insurance Provider Notes State Efforts to Curb PIP Fraud

In the 2012 Florida Legislature, personal injury protection laws in the state will get a big overhaul. With auto insurance fraud a big problem in the state, Governor Rick Scott is looking to the state’s biggest cities for ideas to

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