Surgical Removal of Wrong Rib Leads to Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

This bizarre case outlines the risks associated with attempting to cover up a medical mistake.

Deborah Craven, 60, was scheduled to have eights rib removed in May 2015 at Yale Hospital in Connecticut. The operation was consider a success, but when Craven woke up, she was still experiencing pain at the surgery site. She was sent for an X-ray, where it was discovered that the wrong rib had been removed and metal coils used during the surgery had been left inside of her. Ms. Craven was immediately prepped for another operation by a different doctor than the one who performed the first surgery. She was told the second surgery was necessary because not enough of the first rib had been removed. At no time was Craven told that the surgery was necessary because the wrong rib was removed. After learning about the doctor’s attempt to cover up his mistake, Craven filed a medical negligence lawsuit seeking compensation for medical expenses, rehabilitation, and possibly punitive damages if the court finds the surgeon’s action egregious.

While waiting for her lawsuit to reach settlement or court, Craven would still need to pay medical bills accrued from both surgeries and various medical tests. Those extra and very large bills, over an above her regular financial obligations, may be difficult to pay. The perfect solution for her during the litigation process may be to apply for litigation funding either online or by calling, toll free from anywhere within the United States. 1-866-LITFUND (548-3863)

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