Plaintiff Suffered Severe Headaches, Wife Alleges Failure to Diagnose Cause

George Papadopoulos suffered from severe headaches. Doctors failed to diagnose a cerebral aneurysm that resulted in a more serious condition for the plaintiff.

George Papadopoulos and his wife Katherina, filed a medical negligence lawsuit in July against several defendants, including his doctor, Smitha Rajasekhar, Hinsdale Primary Care (and Associates), Adventist Health Partners, Health System and Sunbelt Healthcare Corporation.

The complaint alleged that Dr. Smitha Rajasekhar failed to correctly diagnose the cause of Mr. Papadopoulos’ severe headaches – a debilitating condition that occurred frequently. The family sought medical help in 2011, but alleged the primary physician and other healthcare providers, failed to accurately diagnose the cerebral aneurysm.

As a result of this missed diagnoses Mr. Papadopoulos became gravely ill and his condition significantly deteriorated resulting in a more serious condition necessitating extensive medical treatment.

While waiting for their lawsuit to make its way through the legal system, the family must still pay their medical bills that accrued as a result of Mr. Papadopoulos hospitalization and all the medical treatment he received. Financially, this may be a significant burden for the family, as they would have to pay their usual monthly bills, as well.

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