Just what does making contact mean?

Making contact can mean any one of a number of ways, but for the purposes of this blog, making contact with a lead is making a personal phone call and sending a follow up email. When you have a set and consistent follow up routine, you may vary how you make contact. One month a phone call may be fitting. The next, perhaps send an email with new information in it about a product the lead may be interested in.

For long-term follow up, you need to be original and use emails and phone calls. You might even want to include a news item or news letter as well. The goal is to keep in touch and not push. To answer questions. To help a lead choose what suits them best. To show them how certain types of insurance policies may make their lives easier in the long run — an example would be final expense insurance and how it provides for funeral expenses and takes care of their family.

If your goal is to ensure a healthy business, with lots of customers and financial success, follow a plan and plan to follow it diligently.