The Different Types of Caregivers

are many different kinds of caregivers. While some travel to the home
of the elderly or disabled person to provide care, others give
emotional support to their family members who reside in an assisted
living facility or a nursing home. 

And then there are long-distance
caregivers who provide the economic support necessary to employ
people to care for their aging parents while they live in another
city, where they are engaged in other responsibilities regarding
their spouses, children and jobs. All types of caregiving are
important and should be valued.

often shop and run errands for their loved ones, assist them with
showers, meals and medical appointments, and advocate on their behalf
when dealing with doctors, nurses, social workers and insurance
company representatives. 

According to a survey conducted by AARP, in
2008, there were over 34 million caregivers who were not compensated,
and who cared for an individual age 18 or older who had an illness or
a disability. This number has increased, and will continue to do so
as our population gets older.

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