Judge dismisses Illinois wrongful death lawsuit

An Illinois judge has dismissed a wrongful death lawsuit over the death of a 21-year-old woman whose body was found in the apartment of a man she had dated.

The wrongful death lawsuit, filed by Molly Young’s father, was dismissed by Judge W. Charles Grace of the Jackson County Circuit Court. The lawsuit had been filed against Richie Minton, a police dispatcher in whose apartment the woman was found dead.

Young was found dead on March 24, 2012, from a gunshot wound, and the lawsuit was filed June 30, 2014, after the statute of limitations had passed. Mr. Young’s attorney argued that crucial evidence had been kept from him in what amounted to fraudulent concealment. The evidence allegedly included Minton wiping the gun clean of any fingerprints, Minton waiting for hours before calling 911, police allowing Minton to shower and clean his clothes at the scene, and Minton indicating in the 911 call that Young had overdosed, while placing a bottle of pills nearby.

Judge Grace did not comment on the merit of the allegations, but said that there was still time to file the wrongful death lawsuit, as there were 14 months remaining under the statute after the inquest was completed. Mr. Young’s attorney had argued that the inquest was a key factor in discovering information about the death.

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