Intellectual Activity Can Stave Off Alzheimer’s


According to a study
that was published in JAMA Neurology, people who are genetically
inclined to develop Alzheimer’s, but who attended college, were
employed in complex occupations, and remained intellectually
challenged, delayed contracting the disease nearly 10 years longer
than others.

The study also found
that those who pursued intellectual activities, including reading or
playing music, and maintained an active and healthy mind as they grew
older, postponed the onset of Alzheimer’s by years if they were at
risk of developing the disease and did not attend college or work at
complex jobs. These results show that intellectual stimulation over
your lifetime
can greatly reduce the likelihood that you will develop

As reported by David
Knopman, an author of a study and a neurology professor at the Mayo
Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, keeping your brain fit can prevent
the development of dementia later in life. Given the fact that there
are no effective treatments for Alzheimer’s, it is good to know
that there are measures that we can take that may ward off the
disease for a while.

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