Horses Help People With Alzheimer’s

with horses may ease certain Alzheimer’s symptoms, including mood
problems, depression and anxiety, a recent study found.

Ohio State University study followed 16 people with Alzheimer’s

Half of the group continued their usual activities at an
adult day care center, while the other half participated in equine
therapy. The equine therapy included grooming, feeding and walking
horses once a week for one month.

group that participated in equine therapy displayed marked ease of
symptoms, including improved behavior and increased physical
activity. The level of activity was higher at each subsequent equine
therapy session. The study’s authors believe that both the
interaction with the horses and the rural environment of the farm had
a beneficial effect for the group.

studies have shown that interacting with and caring for animals of
all kinds can help individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, as well as
seniors in general.

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