Veteran Jobs in TV Industry

The current host of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart, has shown us that no matter your stance on any American military involvement, it is our duty as citizens to support our troops and assist in the transition from active duty to working a civilian job.

Jon Stewart is notorious for being highly critical of any American involvement in Middle Eastern conflicts, in addition to his stark opposition to our continued efforts in the War on Terror. Regardless of this ideology, he has actively assisted returning soldiers to enter into the highly competitive television industry.

Over the last three years, The Daily Show has offered five-week internship programs to veterans that give them a crash course on how the TV business operates. This program has been kept quiet during this time because Stewart and his staff wanted to reach out to veterans looking to get into the television business, and not crazed fans of his show.

Now that his tenure as host is coming to an end, he is urging all others in the entertainment industry to emulate his idea. It is very difficult for service members to crack into the industry because they did not have the chance to attend college, acquire internships, and start early with an entry-level position. In order to both thank veterans for their service and give them a head start in the industry, Jon Stewart hopes that his program that culminates in a studio job fair will match these veterans with careers in the industry.

For veterans, it is often difficult to enter any industry because they compete with young adults who attended universities instead of fighting for our country. Businesses should level the playing field by offering special training and programs to veterans, just like Jon Stewart.

You do not have to agree with the war they are fighting, but you should honor and respect their choice to fight for the freedoms we all take for granted and help to reintegrate them into civilian life.

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