There May be Health Benefits to Seniors Owning Pets

show that there may be health benefits to seniors owning pets,
ranging from a higher level of physical activity to better mental
health. Seniors who have pets tend to have better physical health and
an improved ability to cope with stress, among other benefits.

a pet can help prevent social isolation, providing companionship and
support to seniors who may not have others in the home. In addition,
having a pet to care for can give seniors a sense of purpose and
encourage them to set a healthy daily routine, including walking
regularly and eating and sleeping at regular times.

owning a pet can be beneficial to many older adults, it is also
important to ensure that the pet is a good fit for the senior. Some
factors to consider include:

  • The responsibilities that would be involved in owning the pet
  • The
    temperament and physical abilities of the breed in general and the
    individual animal in particular
  • The
    expenses associated with owning the pet
  • Who
    would take care of the pet if the senior became unable to do so

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