Seniors Are Now the Fastest-Growing Adopters of Social Media

seniors than ever are joining their children and grandchildren on

tend to lag behind younger people in their use of technology, and the
use of social media is no exception ­— but the gap is closing.
A recent study by the Pew Research Center found that social media
usage among Americans 65 and older is growing faster than any other
age group.

findings were part of a broader study on the use of technology by
seniors. Older adults cite hurdles to technology adoption such as
physical handicaps that make reading difficult, skepticism about the
usefulness of technology and difficulty in learning how to use new
technology. But once seniors become internet users, 71 percent go
online daily or almost daily, and 79 percent feel internet access
puts them at an advantage, according to the findings.

a senior citizen in your life is interested in using the internet or
social media sites. Public libraries are an excellent resource for
live classroom computer training for all ages. Or, simply lend a hand
yourself. Learning modern skills can be an enriching and rewarding
part of life for seniors.

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