New high-tech tools for senior safety

A growing number of
high-tech devices could help keep seniors safe. These devices are
increasingly advanced and unobtrusive, allowing family members,
caregivers or emergency personnel to intervene promptly when seniors
are in danger.

Technology that
monitors senior safety can increase independence for seniors
suffering from dementia, while also relieving some of the caregiver
strain associated with continually monitoring an aging loved one.

Some of the most
promising tools include:

  • SmartSole, a
    shoe sole with GPS that allows caregivers to track patients with
    dementia and receive alerts if the individual leaves a certain area
  • Medical alert
    devices that work over Wi-Fi or cellular networks, rather than radio
  • GrandCare, a
    smart home company which uses smart sensors to monitor a senior’s
    home, track activity, and create and monitor a daily schedule
  • Accelerometers,
    which are placed in some emergency medical pendants to automatically
    detect falls

Experts believe that
the future will bring even more advanced devices, such as devices to
automatically measure vital signs or handheld electrocardiogram (EKG)

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