Continued Efforts to End Jobless Vets is Paying Off

The number of unemployed veterans in our country today is simply unacceptable. Any man or woman who served bravely for our freedoms should not be homeless and jobless. Thankfully, the US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) has addressed this issue with the enactment of the Homeless Veterans Community Employment Services Program (HVCES).

The aim of this program is to put the roughly 50,000 homeless veterans to work. In order to do so, the VA plans to employ Community Employment Coordinators (CECs) at all VA medical centers in the country. With the help of CECs, veterans will be paired with community employers who can find them jobs. Once employed, the CECs will provide resources to the veterans which will help them succeed in their field.

The HVCES program compliments existing efforts to end veteran homelessness which provide vets a place to live. By implementing a Housing First approach, the US has been able to reduce the number of homeless vets by 33%.

After having a place to live, the next step for veterans is to find a job. This is where HVCES comes in. Having cash in your pocket is not the only benefit of having a job for veterans. The VA believes a job can give veterans improved quality of life, self-esteem, independence, and social skills.

If the government remains focused on solving the homeless-veteran problem, 0% Veteran-homelessness is a real possibility. These servicemen and women are strong, hardworking, and skilled. All they need is an employer to give them a chance to prove it and allow them to get back on track.

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