Michigan to make 12 state parks available to veterans for fireworks-free Fourth of July

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources announced on May 13 that it will make 12 state parks available to veterans in the state during the Independence Day holiday period of July 3 through July 5 for a celebration free of fireworks.

The policy, known as the Fireworks-Free Fourth of July, is the result of a partnership between the DNR and Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency. While officials do not guarantee that fireworks will be set off near the state parks, they are hoping that there is enough distance between urban areas and the green spaces to make sure that the mood, as well as atmosphere, will remain on the low-key side in the parks.

“While fireworks are a traditional Fourth of July festivity, some veterans and others prefer a calmer celebration with a little less excitement,” said DNR Parks and Recreation Division Chief Ron Olson. “We are pleased to honor our veterans and offer that opportunity in several of our beautiful state parks.”

Michigan is home to 658,469 veterans, according to the most recent statistics compiled by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

A list of the 12 state parks covered by the policy can be found at the DNR website.

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