Doctor faces investigation after three infant deaths, birth injury lawsuit

An obstetrician who is now under investigation by a state medical board after the deaths of three babies in home deliveries was also the defendant in a recent birth injury lawsuit that never resolved clearly.

The parents of a child who suffered a disability filed the birth injury suit in 2007. The lawsuit alleged that the girl, who was born in October 2005, suffered a permanent disability to her left arm due to the doctor’s negligence. According to the lawsuit, the doctor let the labor go on too long and failed to perform a cesarean section when the birth was complicated by shoulder dystocia.

Shoulder dystocia is a condition where the baby’s shoulders become lodged in the birth canal.

According to the lawsuit, the doctor continued to use a vacuum extractor and forceps after the failure of an initial attempt, when such use was contraindicated. The doctor also moved forward with a vaginal delivery despite an abnormal first and second states of labor and despite the presence of multiple other risk factors, the suit claimed.

The lawsuit claimed that the child will suffer from physical pain and mental suffering for the rest of her life and needed compensation. According to the plaintiff’s attorney, the doctor did not respond to the lawsuit, and a default judgment was entered against him. The plaintiff’s attorney would not comment on whether a settlement was reached in the case.

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