Faded, Stained Marble, No Problem to Clean

Although the porosity of marble means it needs more care than other natural stones, it is not difficult to keep clean.

Marble is subject to staining and fading over time. Rather than replacing the tiles, try using a light coating of wax to bring the shine and glow back. This extends the life of the tile, returns the stone to its once heathy shine and protects the surface from further fading and damage. Although this is not an ideal long-term solution, it does help to delay a major replacement.

Refrain from waxing white marble, though, as it turns the stone a dirty yellow. An acceptable alternative would be using a marble sealer. Sealing the tile also makes it easier to clean, requiring just a damp cloth. Another route many homeowners try is using commercial cleaners and polishes. Make sure to only use the products specifically designed to care for marble.

“Caring for marble can be as easy as occasionally washing the tiles with lukewarm water and wiping them dry,” explains Dean Dupre, owner of Champion Tile and Marble. “Streaking can be taken care of by using a damp chamois. And you only need to do a more in depth cleaning about twice a year, by using dish detergent and warm water, making sure they are rinsed well and wiped dry,”
Companies that sell marble usually carry special cleaning products and most flooring contractors that use marble in projects are able to advise homeowners on what to use to keep their marble looking good for many years. Stick with the polishes and cleaners that have been designed for use on marble, as any other product may damage the marble beyond repair or revival.

“If all else fails when it comes to bringing the luster back to your marble tiles, consult with a tombstone maker,” Dupre adds. However, it is usually easier to stay on top of marble care by meticulously maintaining it on a regular basis, rather than realizing years later that the surface needs to be repaired, replace or refurbished.

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