Marble Goes With Anything, Anywhere

Marble is still not a commonly chosen option for flooring upgrades, largely due to budget constraints. However, it is becoming more prominent for many homeowners wanting that “something extra.”

“Marble is indeed a superior choice for flooring, walls, countertops and backsplashes,” states Dean Dupre, owner and operator of Champion Tile and Marble in Clearwater, Fla. “More often these days, those with a bit of wiggle room in their budget are opting to have it installed. Admittedly marble is more expensive than many other choices on the marketplace, but it is often worth the extra money in terms of upgrading a home.”

Homeowners wanting value for their money, enduring style, the utmost chic in design and durability, may want to check out marble. It is favored by decorators, architects, designers and engineers for good reason. It withstands the elements of time, reflects opulence and class and may be used in a variety of places: from court yards to kitchens, front porches to laundry rooms and bathrooms to front hall entries. Once installed, it is there virtually forever and is no longer just used for floors.

An often overlooked use for marble is outdoor tiling. Many considering this kind of renovation to a patio area think that wet marble would be dangerous. It would be dangerous, if it were not for the fact that there are special outdoor marble tiles, carefully roughed up with a minimally gritty, slightly coarse surface.

“The traction that type of surface provides is excellent, even when wet. If you’re contemplating using marble outside,” adds Dupre, “then make sure it is frost-proof and unglazed and the moisture absorption rate comes in at 0.5 percent or less.” When shopping for the right kind of tiles to install outdoors, check the ratings on each exterior tile that indicates slip-resistance capabilities.

Marble holds a unique niche in the hearts of many who want flooring that appeals to their senses. Aesthetically appealing and sensual, it is also appealing for its non-allergenic health benefits. Nothing sticks to marble, unlike carpets, some types of wood flooring and area rugs. Simply put, marble is not vinyl, laminate or ceramic and changes a room’s ambience significantly.

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