Hardwood Flooring – Variable Options to Consider When Buying

Not everyone wants natural stone or tiles for their home renovation projects. Some prefer the stunning option of hardwood flooring.

When planning any type of renovation project, particularly one that is intended to upgrade flooring, try something different for a unique look. Go for unusual sizes and not standard 2 ¼ inch red oak panels usually that most builders opt for. While they use that size and product for its relative inexpensiveness, they sacrifice originality by doing so.
If the budget is not a great concern, something out of the ordinary may be a good choice. Trying a random flooring pattern can also give a room that extra pizazz.

Those interested in green options for their flooring renovations need look no further than the United States. There are numerous varieties of interesting flooring available right at home, and buying here supports the local economy. Other countries do not necessarily have renewable resource or managed reforestation programs.

For a more unique take on what to do with hardwood floors, try white oak, cherry, maple or even hickory. “Also check for what is referred to as character grades – planks with personality if you will,” adds Clearwater’s Champion Tile and Marble owner, Dean Dupre. “The flooring with character is memorable and adds a ton of personality to a home.”

For a floor with character, then do not choose select grade wood. That means it is devoid of personality and shows no markings – markings that are the character of the wood to begin with. “Flooring with personality tends to bring out the untold stories hidden in the wood’s planking. Character grades are incredibly interesting,” said Dupre. And, opt for prefinished flooring.

Prefinished flooring is a smart choice, as it avoids having to leave a home while the contractor sands down, stains and refinishes a floor. No one likes dust on their furniture and prefinished flooring may be installed in just one day and not leave behind a mess.

With that said, be wary of flooring warranties. Read the fine print on all products under consideration for a home renovation flooring upgrade. Often the warranty being offered is for floor wear-through only. The chances of a pre-finished hardwood floor wearing through are almost non-existent, as the floor would require refinishing long before it ever wore through its finish.

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