Oak Hardwood the Best for High Traffic Areas

High traffic areas are always the hardest projects when it comes to flooring upgrades. This leaves the question of which material is the best to choose.

For those that love hardwood, but can not bring themselves to use it in high traffic areas in the home, there is some good news. Try oak hardwood. It is one of the most durable options out there and not only does it add a classy touch to any home, it does double duty as a tough surface for the kids, pets and constant company.

Hardwood is supremely popular for many reasons, but some species of hardwood have a fatal flaw – they do not do well in homes with pets and kids. However, that does not have to rule out hardwood if that happens to be a long held dream, not when oak hardwood is an available choice for classy, yet durable, floor. It is also good for increasing the resale value of a home.

Oak has won a spot in consumers hearts thanks to its classic elegant, yet understated quality of being the best kid on the block when it comes to adding a touch of fancy, charm and warmth to any home. It comes in engineered hardwood and solid hardwood forms. The choice, usually based on budget, is up to the consumer. One very appealing bonus is that the number of species of oak on the market allows for a wide variety of colors and looks.

Red oak has a hardness rating of 1,290. Red is hugely appealing to many homeowners for its unique gloss, shine and coloring, ranging from pink to red tones. Its classy grain patterns are also very exciting and do well in any room, as an accent or laid from wall-to-wall. In short, red oak is a workhorse of sorts and performs like a pro anywhere YOU want it.

White oak is the hardest oak, with a Janka hardness scale rating of 1,360. Just think of the serious style that floors would have with white and red oak as compliments to one another. Contrast white oak with the red and a home’s wow-factor shoots through the roof. While oak has a finer grain and a more defined pattern, it may be stained to any chosen color, or left to make a statement about simplicity. It’s up to the homeowner what to choose when it comes to oak flooring, but the choices are stunning and add lasting beauty to any home.