Natural Stone Tiles in the Bathroom Makes for a Stunning Ambience

Since everyone spends so much time in the bathroom on a daily basis, it only makes sense to make that room a stunning focal point of the home.

There are a number of ways to make the bathroom one of the nicest rooms in the house: painting, trimming, splashes of color, bright towels, decorative window curtains and even wall hangings. What is one to do when it’s time to totally redo the room and make it into something easier to care for, and even more eye-catching? Think natural stone tiles. Natural stone tiles are trending because they add a special, earthen ambience to the washroom.

Cared for by Mother Nature and polished to a smooth surface, many designers and homeowners love the beauty of natural stone. The stones may be used for flooring, walls, as decorative pavement or even as countertop. Glass mosaic tiles are running a hot second in the looks department. However, glass tiles do have some disadvantages when compared to natural stone. For one, their durability is lacking. While glass looks nice, it is more brittle than stone, and is prone to chip. Stone tile does not and has a reputation for being able to withstand just about anything.

Natural tiles never go out of fashion or style. They have a timeless quality that recommends them to any home, anywhere at any time. They also have the unique ability to compliment any décor in mind, but look especially awesome with splashes of bright color accenting their quiet presence. Stones also exude an inner warmth that glass does not, are easier to clean, and far more versatile. The warmth of stone is a presence in any room, but seems best suited to the bathroom, perhaps because of its timeless association with water.

If a bathroom upgrade is in the cards, give some serious consideration to using natural stones. They not only look good, last longer, and add class to a room, they increase the value of a home. They are a reasonable investment, if looking to sell, and one that typically pays off, as bathrooms play such a key role in everyone’s lives.

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