White Marble is a Huge Hit for Kitchen Renovations

Dazzling kitchens capture the viewer’s eye and heart.

“It’s true, marble in the kitchen is one of the most attractive, elegant stones you could possibly use to upgrade your personal cooking space,” says Dean Dupre, owner of Champion Marble & Tile in Clearwater, Fla. “Kitchen countertops in particular are spectacular done in white marble.”

Marble is a much sought after stone for a number of reasons, but its main attraction is the uniqueness of the erratic veining that provides an inner elegance that homeowners love. Marble feels like an old friend, yet still holds the power to become a new acquaintance when it comes to improving the home’s interior. The Greeks and Romans used it to good effect and of their creations still standing today, all look breathtakingly beautiful. There is no reason the modern design eye should see it as just a stone for the fireplace hearth or mantel.

Installing marble in any room provides a showcase for this mysterious stone to show off its inner light in a softly reflective manner. Honed marble almost glows in the dark and has an eerie, yet elegant look. “I have heard many of my customers say that marble almost seems to have a life of its own,” Dupre adds.

Trending kitchen upgrades tend to include marble as a backsplash, a countertop or both. The ambience is incredible when smartly paired to compliment wood graining in the cabinets and/or flooring. For that incredibly crisp and authoritative appeal, white Danby, Carrara or Calacatta marble fit the bill. It is considered to be high-fashion and versatile enough to appeal to both modernists and traditionalists.

Although marble holds incredible appeal, it should be noted that it does require more maintenance than other stones, due to its softness. Extra care must be taken to avoid staining and scratching the surface. “If you want marble in the kitchen, choose a harder stone,” advises Dupre. “In general, darker colors are harder and the lighter marbles are softer. If you want a more durable white marble, choose the Danby white, sourced from Vermont. However, you still need to take care not to stain and scratch it.”

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